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Sir Robert wrote seventeen volumes on Christian subjects and three on secular. Those I know about are below.

Buddha of Christendom, The - Index by E. W. Bullinger. 192pp HB (a re-print of "The Bible or the Church")
Coming Prince, The - One of the most exhaustive works ever written on Daniel’s Seventieth Week and the Coming Anti-christ, featuring full details and a complete chronology. 384pp. See links page for full download from our friends.
Daniel In The Critics' Den. A classic on the book of Daniel that was written as a reply to allegations attacking the authenticity and dating of this important Old Testament prophetic book.200pp.
Forgotten Truths. Thought-provoking studies on topics, such as The Mystery of Christ, Why the Delay? The "Gospel of the Kingdom" - what is it? Is it future? 168pp
Gospel and Its Ministry, The. - Basic Bible doctrines pertaining to the Gospel are carefully discussed, like Grace, Reconciliation, Justification, and Sanctification. 224pp.
Honour of His Name, The. Why do we use the name of his humiliation when he is now Lord of Lords? 80pp.
Redemption Truths (Biographical sketch by Warren W. Wiersbe) A concise study of the doctrine of salvation. 192pp.
Silence of God, The. This classic, written almost a century ago, gives a thoroughly scriptural answer to the issue of God’s silence for nearly 2,000 years. 232pp.
Types In Hebrews. An enlightening examination of the Old Testament types found in Hebrews and their practical relevance for today. 184pp.
Misunderstood Texts of the Bible - many of these ill-understood things we all wonder at.
Entail of the Covenant - of special interest to Christian parents, dealing with the New Birth, Conversion, and many other vital matters in an original way.
Human Destiny - "After Death - what?" Charles H.Spurgeon said of it that it was "the most valuable contribution on the subject" he had ever seen.
A Doubter's Doubts about Science and Religion - basic handbook for the unbeliver wanting enlightenment.
The Bible or the Church - letting the Reformation go by default? (A modern re-print is called "The Buddha of Christendom" - still available)
The Way - this expression used of Christians in the early days is utilised by Sir Robert for this book.
The Bible and Modern Criticism - "the result of an independant study of the new criticism"
The Lord From Heaven - a study of the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, with preparatory note by H.C.G.Moule DD
Pseudo-Criticism or the Higher Criticism and its counterfeit.
Unfulfilled Prophecy (Hope of the Church) - devoted to "sorting out" the various prophecies of the Return of Christ.

Of Purely Secular Interest
Criminals and Crime - I have seen this and felt unable to buy it as it was a horrendous price! Just a facsimile, too.
Sidelights on the Home Rule Movement
The Lighter Side of my Official Life

Literature, other than books by Sir Robert
The Resurrection - an article in "Foundation Truths of the Gospel" by unknown author.
Christ and Criticism - an article in "The Fundamentals" Vol.1 published by Baker Book House.
Sin and the Judgment to Come - an article in "The Fundamentals" Vol.3 published by Baker Book House
Spirit Manifestations and the Gift of Tongues and the Pentecostal Movement.
The Literal Interpretation of Scripture - from "Things To Come" April 1897
A Personal Anti-Christ. From "Things To Come" Nov. 1897
Preface to the Concordance to the Names and Titles of the Lord of Glory, by Ada R. Habershon

Quotes - being short articles and extracts from various publications

All the above (Christian) books are available, I know because I have got them, recently, from various sources. Some are to be had new, mostly in paper-back. Many are only available from used-book shops. Try this link for bookshops.

Sir Robert's "official" biography is by his son, and this is now at the link below -
Sir Robert Anderson and Lady Agnes Anderson is the title.

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