Links Confirming prophecy Biography Short Biography Anderson's Books Daniel's 70 Weeks The Coming Prince Jack the Ripper C/book (from Gospel / Ministry) Grace Reigns Good Bookshops
Penfold Book and Bible House - Bicester, UK Anderson and more...
The Christian Shepherd Magazine for Christians
Outline of Prophetic Events - from Christian Truth Publ.
Brethren Online - a web site about good doctrine Recommended
List of good links from above site A good array of info.
Bible Charts by Clarence Larkin - mostly prophetic Made over 75 years ago
The Revelation Site As it says - and how!
Joseph and Florence's Home Page Diverse, and good.
Christian Missions Press - tracts to be downloaded and used Vine, Penfold, Darby....
Biblical Resources for Bible-believing Christians - Massive amount of material! Worth it for the links!!
The Scottish Preachers Hall of Fame - all of Scotland's turbulent history here. A "Must Visit" site!
F.W.Grant - Giant of the Bible Works and Life - & more!
endtimes.jpg Tribute to Sir Robert Anderson His work on fixing the chronology of the "70 weeks" of Daniel.
Thomas Newberry - His life and some of his works, including samples from the "Numerical Bible" and "Types of the Tabernacle" Another Giant of the Bible
mystery2.jpg Listen I'll Tell You a Mystery. Second Coming site. By Richard Perry

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